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Top 5 Dividend Stocks to Invest in 2018

People who are coming into retirement look for income-producing investments. This is most especially true after 9 years of historically low interest rates that hurt conservative investors. If you plan on living for another 10 to 30 years, Treasury yields won’t just work. That is why you need are the top dividend stocks to invest in 2018.

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If you’ve got no idea what dividend stocks are, you can read more about them in Dividend Stocks : Basic Terms and Strategies. After that, check out our Dividends: Knowing How They Work and Their Value.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks

Johnson & Johnson

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You can begin investing with the archetypal blue-chip dividend stock Johnson & Johnson. There’s nothing better than having a more diversified and consistent stock on Wall Street like Johnson & Johnson. It’s a 132-year-old healthcare and consumer conglomerate that managed to outperform in about every mid- to long-term period.

This company has a 55-year streak of raising its dividend attests. Its stock could be a reliable long-term foundation of any portfolio.


Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with roughly 4,700 stores in the US.  This retail giant expects US e-commerce sales to grow 40% in the current fiscal year. The revamped website with a focus on fashion and home goods will drive the sales, according to the company. In addition, Walmart is investing heavily in its online grocery delivery service.

The company has been bringing meager penny increase to its dividend since 2014. That has been enough to maintain its 45-year streak of consecutive annual payout hikes.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan is the most valuable bank in the US. It’s a proven blue-chip dividend stock that delivers investors profit when interest rates rise.

Back in November 2016, Donald Trump was elected president. Since taking office, Trump has replaced Janet Yellen at the Federal Reserve, slashed financial regulations, and pushed through tax reform. None of those factors had negative effects towards the bank. It has 2% dividend, systemic stability, and positive outlook. This makes JPMorgan one of the top stocks to buy for 2018.


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If Coca-Cola can quench consumers’ thirst, it certainly quenches investors’ thirst for income. The company has paid dividend since 1920, and that dividend has increased annually for the past 55 years.

Further, Coca-Cola knows how to keep up with the market when the US market for carbonated beverages declined for more than a decade. The soda giant added bottled water, fruit juices, and teas to keep the cash flowing.

Intel Corp.

Blue-chip semiconductor maker Intel is one of the top dividend stocks to buy for 2018. A 2.5% dividend and a 36% payout ratio shows that Intel can afford to not only sustain its dividend indefinitely but increase it in the years ahead.

It traded at a modest 15 times earnings, and exposed itself to high-growth areas like autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Intel has successfully transitioned from the PC market to a diversified chipmaker with exposure to the future’s biggest trends.

Bottom Line

These are the top dividend stocks to buy right now in 2018. Though they are still more, these would be a great start when looking for investments.

These are the kind of stocks you can hold long-term and just watch the cash flow come flowing in. However, there are still mistakes you need to avoid. And you can read the article in our 4 Dividend Stocks Investing Mistakes You Need to Avoid.

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