Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

Most people would dream of having a well-paid job and finances to be able to live a better life. Improving your earning potential allows you to stretch your budget on important things. However, more often than not, what happens is that when a person’s income increases, so do their lifestyle. This concept is commonly known as lifestyle inflation. It means that when a person’s salary expands, their spending habits become greater, too.

In this article, you are going to learn on how to avoid lifestyle inflation and ensure that you are living within your means and that you are using the added money for significant things. Making plans on how to use the money to ensure financial security is an advantage.

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Lifestyle Change Sign

  1. The best way to avoid something is to be conscious about it

As you transition from a phase where you have “enough” money to a period where you earn some “extra,” it gives you the feeling like you deserve to enjoy life for a moment. However, what happens is that such extends until a period where you find yourself struggling with your finances as you were not able to save up for what is essential.

The added amount on your paycheck must not be regarded as “fun” money but rather a means for you to be able to prepare for your future.

  1. The best way to avoid something is to scrutinize it thoroughly

When you receive a raise, you have to understand that you really cannot enjoy the whole amount added to your salary. This is because taxes take a toll on your money. You have to take the time to look into your budget and realize that the extra money does not necessarily mean that you can spend it on expensive items and dine outs.

  1. The best way to avoid something is to control it

If you want to protect the extra money you get from a salary raise, you have to transfer it to another savings account as soon as possible. If you only have a single bank account, it is advisable that you set up another one so you can be able to transfer your extra money into that account. This helps you avoid spending it on unnecessary things.

Another strategy is to set up your account automatically, wherein the excess money can be transferred after every pay period to your savings account without becoming hesitant of what you should do with your money every time.

  1. The best way to avoid something is to have a clear goal in mind

Failing to create clear personal objectives lures you to spending the extra money on items that do not bring you a step closer to your goal. Sit down and think thoroughly about the goals that you wanted to achieve either in a short span of time or for something that is long-term.

You are less inclined to using up the extra money if you stay focused on your goals and how much self-control you need to have in order to definitely achieve them.


It is really tempting to know that you have the extra money in hand after a raise. But with the above-mentioned tips, you now have the choice how are you going to use your money in order to meet both of your short-term and long-term goals. Follow these simple ways to avoid lifestyle inflation.

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