What Should You Do During A Stock Market Correction

What to Do During a Stock Market Correction?

The market can undergo tough days as it can go through good days. Such instance is not surprising, since a stock market correction is just around the corner. It would be alarming if the market would not have a period of correction and crash.

If a stock market correction happens, what are the advisable actions that an investor must do?

  1. Do Nothing

A wise investor is someone with a financial plan and an investment strategy at the same time. If a stock market correction happens, it does not necessarily mean that you need to do something immediately. Making a certain move in reaction to the correction is not really an advisable move. The least you can do is to wait until the market volatility settles somehow. The sound advice for investors is to – “relax.” Hold, as it will work itself out.

  1. Do Calm Down

Do not panic. Panic will just cost you a lot of money. Crashes happen once in a blue moon. To be able to think appropriately, you first have to calm yourself before making any move.

Market corrections are a normal part of a stock market cycle. No investor can control or counteract such events. What you can do is to set up your portfolio so that it can withstand unforeseen and untoward events such as a market correction.

  1. Do Ignore the Media

 News deliver good information and it is highly essential that you know what is happening with market trends. However, during periods of market correction, news can highlight fear which may in turn cause the investor to panic. The media is not the proper venue for you to be during such times. It is advisable that you go back to your financial plan and investment strategy to aid you during such phase.

  1. Do Review Your Portfolio

As the saying goes, there is always a positive to every negative. This means that during a market correction, you can take advantage of such incident to assess the performance of your portfolio. If you find yourself fearing the effect of the correction to your portfolio, then maybe it is high time that you review your asset allocation. If you think that you cannot do it alone, you can always ask for the help of a professional financial advisor to review your portfolio and employ the necessary strategy.


Admit it, stock market corrections are frightening. In this era of fast information dissemination and a wide range of media when it comes to updates, investors are advised to remain calm before reacting. Investors might find themselves at a loss during such periods; however, it is a part of reality that markets tend to correct at some time. As a wise and smart investor, you have to factor such unfortunate event to your plans.

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