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2 of the Best Ways to Make Money in Commodities

A commodity can be used in a lot of different ways. It can be a term referring to raw materials and produce, metals, and crops.

Commodities Produce

Commodities, grains against paper bills and coins.

Making money in commodities is not an easy task. One of the reasons that make it hard is that there is no such thing as a “right time” when it comes to entering or exiting the market.

It is essential for you to understand the market in order to make profits from it. You must also learn how economics can affect the commodity prices.

Let us tell you 2 of the best ways you can succeed and make money in trading commodities:

1.     Trade Physical Commodities

1.1.           Understand the transactions

Physical commodities are bought and sold in bulk for immediate delivery in different markets across the globe. These markets are known as the “spot” or “cash” market.

Most participants of the spot market are producers, and users of commodities who are able to finance and store large amounts of commodity. These commodities are those such as refinery purchasing crude oil, a flour miller buying wheat and corn.

Because of this, you should note that individuals rarely buy commodities. Unless what they’re buying is gold, silver, or palladium.

1.2.           Buy or sell the physical commodities

You can get your hands on physical commodities when you visit specific websites or exchanges where they are sold. Standard brokerages don’t normally sell them though.

It can prove to be a rather trying task to find a reputable market to buy in online. It’s important to look for well-known authorities when it comes to deciding where to buy.

1.3.           Store the physical commodities you own

It is highly advisable that you store your physical commodities in a secure location. Physical commodities must be stored until sale.

You can also buy insurance in order to protect yourself from complete loss in case they are stolen. But both of these cut into you potential gains while adding to the cost.

You should also note that there are some gold-selling companies that offer secure storage for buyers.

Commodities metal and oil

Oil and Metal commodities together against white background.

2.      Trade Commodity-Related Stocks

2.1.           Understand the commodity-related stocks

Commodity stocks are those that move with underlying commodity prices. The correlation is determined by the company’s relation to the production or use of the underlying commodity.

An example will be, if you decide to invest in gold futures, you could then buy stocks from companies that mine it. Your risk is lower this way but you’re still participating in the market.

2.2.           Identify the commodity-related stock

You can start investing in commodity-related stocks thru searching for one that you want to invest in. You can do this by first finding one that interests you or by following market news for information.

Locating related companies can be done by searching for them in market websites.

You can then begin by looking at companies that produce, refine, or ship the commodity you chose. Or you can look for companies that use your chosen commodity as primary input to production.

2.3.           Open account with a broker

There are a lot of online brokerages out there in the internet. Any type of online brokerage will actually give you access to buying and selling stocks.

Once you’re set up, you can just put in an order of the stocks you want to buy or sell. After buying it, make sure to track the stock’s price and the price of the underlying security so that you can determine when to sell.

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