Trade12 - Enhanced Trading Environment with Trade12's MetaTrader 4

Enhanced Trading Environment with Trade12

Keeping it simple on online trading is not the typical case, for it includes an immense amount of cash, time and hard work to be progressive. In any case, Trade12 draws out the most startling and productive trading background as it demonstrates a quick, basic and simple technique in conveying its services. Though it might sound like a platitude, you truly don’t realize what you can accomplish until the point when you make an attempt. With the help of Trade12’s MetaTrader 4, experience speed and the comfort of trading at the tip of your fingers.

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The services of Trade12 don’t end in trading. It has an associate program which offers one of the most noteworthy commission in the forex business. Aside from this, a subsidiary offshoot program is likewise accessible wherein, you can without much of a stretch acquire through the extra commission produced by the new subsidiary. Another fortunate thing about this is you find the opportunity to help your assets while having a considerable measure of associations and connections.

Trade12 gives you a chance to get to your trading account any place you are, whenever you need. It is accessible on PCs, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


So as to accomplish a consistent trading platform, we invented MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most dependable and innovative platform that gives power and adaptability to dealers around the globe in trading Forex, Metals, Energy, Futures, Stocks, Indices and more on the web.


    • User-friendly interface
    • Over 250 instruments to trade
    • Trade Currencies, Energy, Agricultural Commodities, Indices, and Futures.
    • Wide scope of market shares around the globe
    • One click trading ability
    • Extensive pre-packaged specialized indicator
    • Multi-dialect bolster


    • Trailing stop
    • Wide verity of tools for technical evaluation
    • Import and Export your trading record
    • Robust Security System
    • Live price surveillance of all instruments
    • Multiple advanced charts

With your entrance to Trade12 MT4, you can execute trades in the full utilization of calculations   with least spreads, screen the market situation instantly, open and close positions with accurate timing,  exceptional trading tool resources, and improved reporting capacities.

To partner with Trade12 is something beyond profiting; it is tied in with having stability alongside your contribution in the organization. The more extensive the experience that you get into the organization the better. You simply get significantly more without seeing until the point when you see your account balance.

Trade Forex, Futures, and metals, by means of a desktop or a mobile phone. Experience a quick and secure platform on an easy to use interface.

Utilizing our Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, you can in a split second get to your trading account anyplace, whenever and execute at the snap of a catch. Execute all trading orders live with real-time pricing quotes of every accessible instrument.

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