Trade12- 10 Good Online Trading Habits of a Successful Trader

10 Good Online Trading Habits of a Successful Trader

There is nothing you can do to always ensure your success in every trade. Of course, you can make trading plans and strategies, but you can’t always guarantee that these will work all the time. However, adhering good trading habits, which develop over time, can give you a higher chance to succeed in online trading. Here are some good trading habits that you can incorporate to help you become a successful trader:

Trade12- Good Trading Habits

1. Come prepared

Before you even start a trading career, make sure you have made enough preparations. These just not mean having enough money to start an investment, but you should also be equipped with research and practice. There are a lot of available free educational resources online that could help you acquire trading knowledge. You can also practice and develop trading strategies through a demo account which is a simulation of a live trading account.

2. Be disciplined

Develop a trading plan. Once you already have a plan, be consistent in following it. Always have a plan on every trade. It may not work all the time, but it can minimize your risks. You can always improve these plans to make them fit every trade you make. Always be disciplined. Even if you badly want to make a shortcut out of your trading plan, control yourself and continue on with your initial plan. This way, you may lose a bit in a trade, but at least you were able to practice self-discipline which you can use in the long run.

3. Trade with the trend

If you are really a serious trader, stop asking anyone else what you should trade and how much you should invest in it. Do your own research. Stop listening to the opinion of others, and most importantly, stop trading based only on our predictions. Research on facts, current market trends, and other factors that affect the market. Base your decisions upon these data. This makes trading more systematic rather than making it seem more like gambling.

Trade12- Trade with the Trend

4. Focus on the trading process

Do not start a trade while looking forward to the outcome. Stop counting your chickens even before the eggs are hatched. Focus more on the trading process, making sure that you have followed your plan accordingly. This way, you can secure better profits while learning more about trading at the same time.

5. Balance your risks

Stop chasing your profits. Instead, balance your risks. Focus more on minimizing your losses and maximizing what you can get from your capital. Even though it is very tempting to trade with a high leverage since it can give you an opportunity for a higher profit, it can also work against you by making you lose too much relative to your capital. Trade only what you can afford to lose. Work your way up until you can trade with a greater amount without worrying you will lose more than you have.

Trade12- Balance Your Risks

6. Money management

Trading is a field of survival. Like any other species that fight for survival, you should always keep your resources reserved for when it comes to worse. You will only be left with a negative account if you trade more than what you have and lose that. Only try that if you are already confident of your trading skills. Always remember to set stop loss every time you enter a trade to minimize your losses.

7. Know when to exit

Not every trade result in a win. A good trader always knows when to exit a trade. Set a daily loss limit and be consistent in following it. Once you have hit your daily limit, stop yourself and identify the reasons for your loss. That way, you can understand when and why you started losing and take note of that.

8. Keep a trading journal

A successful trader always keeps a trading journal.  A trading journal is a record of all your trading activity. Write everything about your trades from your loss, profits, trends, decisions, etc. You can use this as a reference for future trades. This could help a lot so you can have a record in different kinds of trading situations. It allows you to assess your trading performance and if your trading strategies are proving to be effective.

Trade12- Keep a Trading Journal

9. Learn from your mistakes

Make your losses become your advantage. You can use these as step ladders to make you a better trader. Understand what made you lose today, and then apply what you have learned tomorrow. With this kind of mindset, you can get a better understanding of different trading situations and how you should handle them.

10. Have realistic expectations

As much as we all want to dream high, we should focus on having realistic expectations. Instead of anticipating how much you can gain at the end, focus on how you can meet that vision. Develop and improve your strategies first before counting your profits. Once you already have a proven strategy that can help you secure a win against a lot of trades, you will notice that you have been consistently accumulating profits which slowly makes its way up to your initial expectations.


These are only some of the basic good trading habits that you should religiously follow to become a successful trader. Over time, you will continuously develop other good trading habits that you can add to your strategy. Just make sure that you’ll stick to these strategies to ensure better chances in trading. Always remember that the outcome is not the only important thing, but the process on how you actually did it as well. For further knowledge, read about the 5 common mistakes made during trading.

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