Trade12- 5 Common Trading Errors that Most Beginner Traders Make

5 Common Trading Errors that Most Beginner Traders Make

A trading career is a field of survival. One can only win it by research, experience, proper resources, and skills. Since it is already packed with professional money makers, beginner traders tend to lose a lot on their first tries. Here are a few common trading errors that beginners should avoid to secure a profitable trading career:

Trade12- Common Trading Errors

      1. Entering a trade they don’t fully understand

        The first and most basic thing that beginner traders should do is research. Before entering any kind of trade, they need to fully understand what they are putting themselves into. Unfortunately, because there is no required degree or experience to open an account in trading, there are a lot of traders who start investing their money without even understanding the meaning of spreads, leverage, volatility, margin, etc. which causes them to lose a lot of money on their first tries. Entering a trade without fully understanding these usually ends badly.

      2. Improper timing when placing trades

        Beginner traders usually forget that the market is very unpredictable, and that it always change course from time to time. Most of the time, they enter a trade thinking that the past news they’ve heard about the market is still applicable to the current trend. It is very important to be o date by monitoring the market real time and knowing when to apply opinions.

      3. Trading with a big position size

        Sometimes, new traders try trading with a big position size thinking that they can predict the market accurately. As this might be good if you end up being correct, it also opens you to the risk of losing bigger amount of money. Always remember that any trade can easily become a losing trade, so play it safe by keeping your trade size consistently small. Make sure tode only what you can afford to lose, so as not to end up having a negative account.

      4. Not following their initial trading plan

        New traders are prone to being emotionally carried away when trading. A lot of them gets too swayed that they end up not following their initial trading plan. They often skip their initial stop loss and convert their plan to a hold, hoping that later on the trade will make a snap back so they can reverse their loss and make profit from it. Although this could be possible, the probability of losing more than what you can regulate is still very high.

      5. Adding to losing trades

        Lastly, beginner traders tend to add to losing trades, resulting to a bigger amount of money at risk. They do this in hopes for a trade reversal so they can get back their loss. However, this usually causes bigger chances of unprofitable trading. It does not benefit them in any way because it mostly just lights up hope, which can be a negative influence in their decision making when they don’t plan beforehand.

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Trade12- Importance of Recording Trades with a Trading Journal

Importance of Recording Trades with a Trading Journal

What is a trading journal?

Think about it this way, you are an avid diary keeper. One day, you received a wedding invitation from your friend and she told you to bring it on her wedding day as it serves as a pass to the venue. But the wedding day is still 3 weeks ahead. As excited as you are, you wrote about it in your diary. Three weeks have passed and the wedding day comes. Here you are ready and prepped for the wedding, but you forgot where you put the wedding invitation! The good thing is that you have written in your diary where you kept it. So you see, a trading journal is like a diary. It is where you keep all records of every transaction, decision, and almost anything involved in your trades. A trading journal serves a lot of purpose. It can be used for future references, proof, study notes, or even just to brag about your accomplishments. But most importantly, it is used to assess your overall performance as a trader.

Trade12- What is a trading journal

What should you record in your trading journal?

It doesn’t matter on what kind of notebook, pad, or recording application you use as your trading journal. Most traders, however, are more comfortable in using a spreadsheet as it makes it easier to track and compare data. There isn’t a standard on what to put in your journal. As long as it is relevant data about your trades, then you should include it. It would also be useful if you keep a screenshot of your trades, especially your entry and exit positions so you’ll understand and remember it better afterwards. We all know of athletes who spend a lot of time re-watching their previous matches in order to prepare for another. They do this to assess their flaws, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they still need to improve. A trading journal serves the same purpose. You can use it to tell whether your strategy is still working for your transactions, when and where you can still use it, and if there are any points to improve. As long as you only record accurate data, a trading journal can help you a lot in becoming a successful trader.

Why should you keep a trading journal?

One bad quality about some traders is their inability to control their emotions. A lot get carried away by their emotions too much, especially whenever they lose money from trades. Some end up not carrying on with their initial trading plan, others tend to trade again and again thinking that they should do everything to get back their lost profits, often resulting to greater loss. When people experience these kinds of things, they usually lose control and end up making irrational decisions. That’s where a trading journal comes to great use. After an emotional fit of trading, traders can assess their performance without the pressure of live trading. They usually experience those moments when they realize when and where they made a mistake. Learning from this, they are able to avoid those kinds of situations in the future.

Are you ready to start your journey in becoming a successful trader? Get up with your trading journals and start trading! Know what habits you should develop to become a successful trader. Read here about the 10 good online trading habits of a successful trader.

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Trade12- 10 Good Online Trading Habits of a Successful Trader

10 Good Online Trading Habits of a Successful Trader

There is nothing you can do to always ensure your success in every trade. Of course, you can make trading plans and strategies, but you can’t always guarantee that these will work all the time. However, adhering good trading habits, which develop over time, can give you a higher chance to succeed in online trading. Here are some good trading habits that you can incorporate to help you become a successful trader:

Trade12- Good Trading Habits

1. Come prepared

Before you even start a trading career, make sure you have made enough preparations. These just not mean having enough money to start an investment, but you should also be equipped with research and practice. There are a lot of available free educational resources online that could help you acquire trading knowledge. You can also practice and develop trading strategies through a demo account which is a simulation of a live trading account.

2. Be disciplined

Develop a trading plan. Once you already have a plan, be consistent in following it. Always have a plan on every trade. It may not work all the time, but it can minimize your risks. You can always improve these plans to make them fit every trade you make. Always be disciplined. Even if you badly want to make a shortcut out of your trading plan, control yourself and continue on with your initial plan. This way, you may lose a bit in a trade, but at least you were able to practice self-discipline which you can use in the long run.

3. Trade with the trend

If you are really a serious trader, stop asking anyone else what you should trade and how much you should invest in it. Do your own research. Stop listening to the opinion of others, and most importantly, stop trading based only on our predictions. Research on facts, current market trends, and other factors that affect the market. Base your decisions upon these data. This makes trading more systematic rather than making it seem more like gambling.

Trade12- Trade with the Trend

4. Focus on the trading process

Do not start a trade while looking forward to the outcome. Stop counting your chickens even before the eggs are hatched. Focus more on the trading process, making sure that you have followed your plan accordingly. This way, you can secure better profits while learning more about trading at the same time.

5. Balance your risks

Stop chasing your profits. Instead, balance your risks. Focus more on minimizing your losses and maximizing what you can get from your capital. Even though it is very tempting to trade with a high leverage since it can give you an opportunity for a higher profit, it can also work against you by making you lose too much relative to your capital. Trade only what you can afford to lose. Work your way up until you can trade with a greater amount without worrying you will lose more than you have.

Trade12- Balance Your Risks

6. Money management

Trading is a field of survival. Like any other species that fight for survival, you should always keep your resources reserved for when it comes to worse. You will only be left with a negative account if you trade more than what you have and lose that. Only try that if you are already confident of your trading skills. Always remember to set stop loss every time you enter a trade to minimize your losses.

7. Know when to exit

Not every trade result in a win. A good trader always knows when to exit a trade. Set a daily loss limit and be consistent in following it. Once you have hit your daily limit, stop yourself and identify the reasons for your loss. That way, you can understand when and why you started losing and take note of that.

8. Keep a trading journal

A successful trader always keeps a trading journal.  A trading journal is a record of all your trading activity. Write everything about your trades from your loss, profits, trends, decisions, etc. You can use this as a reference for future trades. This could help a lot so you can have a record in different kinds of trading situations. It allows you to assess your trading performance and if your trading strategies are proving to be effective.

Trade12- Keep a Trading Journal

9. Learn from your mistakes

Make your losses become your advantage. You can use these as step ladders to make you a better trader. Understand what made you lose today, and then apply what you have learned tomorrow. With this kind of mindset, you can get a better understanding of different trading situations and how you should handle them.

10. Have realistic expectations

As much as we all want to dream high, we should focus on having realistic expectations. Instead of anticipating how much you can gain at the end, focus on how you can meet that vision. Develop and improve your strategies first before counting your profits. Once you already have a proven strategy that can help you secure a win against a lot of trades, you will notice that you have been consistently accumulating profits which slowly makes its way up to your initial expectations.


These are only some of the basic good trading habits that you should religiously follow to become a successful trader. Over time, you will continuously develop other good trading habits that you can add to your strategy. Just make sure that you’ll stick to these strategies to ensure better chances in trading. Always remember that the outcome is not the only important thing, but the process on how you actually did it as well. For further knowledge, read about the 5 common mistakes made during trading.

Trade12 Website

Stay updated on market news, trends, and tips by regularly visiting Trade12. Trade12 is a reputable online trading broker with years of experience in the field. With the numerous online trading reviews available, you can really ensure the trustworthiness of Trade12! Register an account now and enjoy a wonderful trading experience!

You Need Proper Risk Control When Forex Trading

Proper risk management can be the difference between a 20+ year long-term career, and losing your capital in less than 12 months. Risk control when trading really comes down to the temptations of the field, and its association with the risk of complete loss.

Trading is seen by many as a “get rich quick” endeavor that will allow them to live their dreams with no effort. If only it were that easy…

Of course, trading work requires no physical labor whatsoever, but it is unfortunately psychologically intensive. You need proper impulse control, shrewd decision making, and the ability to sit tight and wait after making your trades…

How Does This Apply to Forex Market?

The lack of impulse and bad risk management actually applies to forex trading more than many other market. You see, forex market brokers (such as Trade12) are famous for allowing high leveraging. Forex markets trade currencies, which move in less than pennies per day. Thus, making money off price currency motions will require you to use borrowed money.

Not only that, but you’ll be leveraging a lot. It is not uncommon to hear of leveraging of over 100 times in forex markets. Some services also offer up to 400 times leveraging! Regardless, there is an important leveraging rule that you need to take into consideration…

The lower your level of experience, the less leverage you should use.

Why Lower Leverage When Starting Out?

Starting out as a trader, you lack experience. This means that you’ll be making more mistakes, which is natural in any field. Of course in trading, you want to minimize mistakes as much as possible, since that costs you your capital.

Thus, making mistakes at the start of trading is akin to your tuition fees to get a little experience at the markets. When you trade at low leverages at the start, you lose less of your capital, which gives you more room for adjusting and learning. It’s like getting a discount for trading experience!

You shouldn’t be ashamed of starting off with low leverages and working your way up. This is something that any trader has done who has survived in the industry long enough. That, or they had to scrap new capital on a constant basis, which is difficult unless you were born with deep pockets…

But, there’s also another aspect of managing risk when forex trading though, or trading in general. We’ll be discussing that below too…

Diversification to Minimize Risk Exposure?

There’s this idea among traders that spreading your money across multiple markets ensures you don’t lose a lot of money. If you hold that idea, you’re in for a rough time.

You see, risk minimization shouldn’t be defined by diversification. Risk comes from making uninformed decisions. If you’re buying shares for the wrong reasons and without practical research and insight, expect money loss. If you do the opposite, you have a higher chance of a successful trade.

Thus, to mitigate risk, know what you’re doing. It’s as simple as that.

This is an insight that has been echoed often by the legendary investor Warren Buffet, and many market players too! Putting a little of your money here, there, and everywhere, doesn’t mean you won’t end up with an overall losing position to your capital!

Of course, we’re not saying you shouldn’t diversify. Do so if you wish, as long as what you buy is based on an informed decision to make profits. If you’re throwing money at different assets to manage risk, then you might as well just keep your capital in the bank…

This idea applies to the forex markets more than anywhere else. You see, you don’t have that many famous currency pairs to trade in the forex market to begin with, especially with good volume. Thus, the nature of the forex markets force you to live by this philosophy!

Why Trade Forex?

An insight about forex trading

Forex trading has gained momentum these days.  It has become somewhat like a craze in many people. Apart from those who are experienced at this trade even amateurs can try their luck by involving themselves in this trade and making money.

Forex trading does not need physical holding of stocks. It is easy and simple to trade in forex. But assimilating the required knowledge about the markets is the key for successful trading.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading means trading in foreign currencies of various countries against one another, in a decentralized and a global market called the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is also called as currency market, forex market or FX market.  The acronym for foreign exchange is forex.

Forex trading involves the aspects of buying, exchanging and selling the foreign currencies at the determined price or the original price. This is the world’s largest market because of its volume.

The major participants in the market are the large international banks while the financial institutions in the world act as anchors in the trade between the buyers and the sellers of forex.

Insights as to how the trade is carried out

  • Forex trading is carried out in currency pairs. Forex trade takes place when a currency is bought and another currency is sold simultaneously. For instance, let’s take a forex trade which involves buying Euros and selling US dollars. In this two currencies are traded simultaneously. One currency is sold and another is purchased.
  • Forex trading is carried out through a market maker or a broker. You can choose the currency pairs and start your trade by placing your orders with your broker who in turn places the orders in the Interbank Markets. As you end up your trading session, the broker also ends up the trading session in the Interbank Market. The gain or loss you make in the trade is automatically credited to your account at the end of the day. All these actions take only a few seconds.

The major factors that lure the investors in forex trade are as follows:

  • The market is open 24 hours, 5 days in a week. This provides a non-stop access to the forex dealers, globally.
  • It is a highly liquid market which facilitates trade in most of the currencies.
  • There are many standard instruments which control the exposure of the investors to risk.
  • It is a highly volatile market which offers great profitable opportunities.
  • The margin requirements in this trade are low with a high leverage to yield.
  • There are several options available for trading with zero commission.

All these factors contribute to the attraction of investors to the trade. However, forex trade is a very speculative one.  Almost 70% -90% of the trade is speculative. The person involved in the trade has no intentions of taking the currency at the end of the day. It is mere speculation that is carried out on the movement of the currency.

Why one has to choose Forex Trading?

Forex trading is preferred by many people these days for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

No Commission:

Unlike in stock trade, person trading forex is not required to pay any brokerage, commission, clearing fees, government fees or exchange fees. The retail brokers get the compensation for their services through “ask/bid spread”.

No Middlemen:

In forex trading, the market itself controls the pricing of the currencies. Hence, the trading is usually carried out directly without the intervention of the middlemen.

No Restrictions on the Lot Size:

In spot trading, the trader determines the lot size or the position size and in futures market, the exchanges determine the contract or lot size. This allows the trader to participate in the forex trade even with a small investment.

Lower Transaction Cost:

The ask/bid spread rate forms the transaction cost which usually amounts to 0.1% and less under normal trading conditions. In case of large deals also the spread can be low to the extent of 0.07%. The transaction cost also depends on the leverage.

No Time Restriction for Trade:

The forex market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Unlike the stock market, there are no timing restrictions. Hence, the market responds to the trade at any time of the day.

Market Cannot be Controlled by any One Person or Entity:

The forex market is a vast one with huge number of participants. No one entity or a person can control the market for a longer time period.


The special feature of the forex market is that even a small amount of deposit can control a larger contract value. Leverage enhances the trader’s ability to make decent profits while keeping the risk level at minimum. However, leverage is a double edged sword. Though higher leverage may lead to higher gains, the chances of heavy losses cannot be ruled out too.

High liquidity:

The forex market is a highly liquid one. This is very beneficial for a forex trader. When one trader from any part of the globe sells there is certainly another trader from another part of the globe who buys. No trader is ‘stuck’ in the trade at any point of time. Forex traders can also set their online trading platforms in such a way that their position gets closed as soon as their desired profit level is reached or with a stop loss order close the trade when the position goes against your expectations.

Minimum investment required:

Unlike the trade in stock, futures or options, forex trade does not require a huge investment to commence the trade. Even with a minimum investment, one can enter the forex trade. Mini or micro accounts can be opened initially and as the trader learns about the trade and gets experienced, the investment amount can be increased.

Free demo accounts:

Many online forex brokers such as Trade12 provide the facility of demo account for the trader to trade and hone the skills of trading. All this is for free.

Conclusion: All the above benefits of forex trade tend to lure the people to enter the trade and try their luck.

To further expand your knowledge about forex trading, don’t forget to visit Trade12 blog site. Please don’t forget to leave your honest feedback and reviews about Trade12 forex broker.

Trade12- How to Choose an Online Broker

How to Choose an Online Broker

Choosing an online broker can be a tricky decision to make. First, you need to determine what kind of broker you would need. Read our article about Choosing an Online Trading Broker. Always remember to do your research before choosing your broker. Here are some tips on how to choose an online broker.

  • Do a background check

    After determining what kind of online trading broker you will need, you may be eyeing some brokers that match your needs. But before you invest your hard earned money on any of them, make sure to do your research and background check about them. There are many online trading reviews that you can look up about your prospect broker. Make sure you only choose one that has little to no bad reviews from their previous clients.

    Trade12- Check the site's response time

  • Check the site’s response time

    Since you will be doing all your transactions online, the response time of your broker’s website will affect you a lot. Even just a few seconds of delay can cost you a lot in trading. Make sure to test the speed of the site at different times of the day, especially during peak times. Take note of down times and use this to determine if your broker is really reliable.

  • Look for free materials

    Especially if you are a newbie in the trading field, a broker site with free educational resources would be a great advantage. There are a lot of broker sites that provide instructional materials, video tutorials, and e-books to help their clients understand trading better.

    Trade12- Clear and transparent fees

  • Different types of accounts

    Being a new trader, you may want to start with the minimum investment account just to try your broker. Or maybe you already have the resources and want to start investing full time with a huge amount. You should look for a broker that offers a type of account that you can afford and use. Usually these initial investments are around $500-$1000 and above, but there are also brokers that offer cheaper minimum investments that even students could afford.

  • Clear and transparent fees

    You may probably see brokers with cheap advertised fees. However, there is a saying that cheaper doesn’t always mean good. Sometimes these fees are only able to cover certain services and there are hidden fees you will need to pay along the way. Make sure to look for a transparent broker or ask them directly for any additional fees you would have to pay aside from what they initially advertised.

    Trade12- Convenience of access

  • Convenience of access

    Most online brokers suggest compatible platforms that you could use to access your trades anywhere over the internet. However, you cannot avoid unstable or fluctuations on your internet connection. Having alternative trading options could be helpful in these situations. Ask your broker if they still offer traditional ways of trading like over the phone, through fax, or directly speaking with the broker.

  • Convenient withdrawal methods

    Of course, once you make some money, you would probably want to withdraw them so you can be able to actually use them. There are several different options on withdrawal methods. Just make sure that your broker offers the method you would prefer or you can conveniently access.

Trade12- Reliable Customer Service

  • Reliable customer service

    Time to time you would need some help on some advice or even problems that may arise. You wouldn’t want to end up having to talk to several pre-recorded voices before your concern is actually addressed. In trading, the faster the customer service, the better. Make sure to make a test call on your online broker to check how fast they would actually help you.

Trade12 Website

Looking for an online broker? Read about Trade12, your all-in-one online trading broker.

Bottom line, no matter which online broker you would choose, just make sure to do some research and read a lot of Trade12 review before actually start investing. One of the most trustworthy online brokers, Trade12 is an online brokerage company that is headed by a group of professionals that are known to provide reliable trading services in the field. They are known for their transparent services and client-friendly platform. You can check the Trade12 website to look at the services they offer and the different account types you could avail. Start investing now with a trusted online trading broker!

Trade12 is Your All-in-One Online Trading Broker

Trade12 is Your All-in-One Online Trading Broker

Search the term online trading broker and you will see thousands, even millions of results. There are so many competing brokerage companies that arise nowadays. It’s getting harder for new investors to choose which they would invest upon. With the numerous promotional and marketing strategies that these online trading brokers use, how does one decide which is the best?

Trade12 Review Logo

What is Trade12?

Trade12 is an international brokerage company owned and operated by Exo Capital Markets Ltd. It is headed by a team of exceptional professionals with years of experience in the field. Trade12 is governed by transparency, efficiency, and honesty to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction. It seeks to establish client trust and confidence needed to ensure profitability and success. Moreover, the company intends to provide everything that a trader needs. You won’t even have to look for another broker other than Trade12!

Read more about what is Trade12.

What can I expect with Trade12?

Trade12 is your all-in-one online trading broker! Aside from the feature-rich and accessible trading platforms and technologies, Trade12 also offers free educational resources such as e-books, video tutorials, glossary, and trading signals that are sure to give you all the trading knowledge you will need. With the variety of account packages you could choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your lifestyle. You could also expect a well-guided trading experience because Trade12 is committed in accompanying its clients with efficient and well-rounded ECN brokers.

Trade12 offers innovative platforms and technologies that you could easily access anywhere. It is also easy to use and understand with its client-friendly interface. In any case of problems that may arise, never worry because Trade12 offers multi-lingual customer service representatives to attend to their clients 24/5. Trade12 is also known for its tight spreads, flexible margins, and the best leverage that no other online trading broker can offer! Funding and withdrawal are also very easy!  The company has a vast selection of methods available for the convenience of the clients.

Trade12 Website

With all of these features, you don’t need to look for anything more because everything is already provided for you! There are Trade12 review and feedbacks available that contain testimonials from satisfied clients to attest the legitimacy of Trade12. Make up your mind now and register an account with Trade12 so you could start investing and watch your profits grow!

Trade12 Review Blog - Basics of Online Trading

The Basics of Online Trading

What is online trading?

Online trading is basically the act of buying and selling of international currencies, stocks, commodities, or any tradable financial assets through an online trading platform. These trading platforms can be accessed by anyone who has a computer, internet connection, and a good financial history.

Trade12 Online Trading

Prior to these internet based platforms, investors had to trade through brokers, in person or via telephone. A broker is a person who is licensed to buy and sell stocks through an exchange. They gain profit from commissions charged while doing so. This kind of practice is proving to be less efficient since online trading usually provides real time updates on the current trend in the market, thus cutting losses and giving more accurate data and analysis.

Trade12 Online Trading Platforms

Online trading platforms are normally provided by internet based brokerage firms. These firms earn profit either from charging commissions or through spreads. Some even earn from a combination of both depending on the broker. These online brokers also offer certain leverage in trading. Leverage is the amount of money you can borrow based on the money that you have, giving you an opportunity to trade with a higher price than what you currently have. For example, having $100 with a leverage of 100:1 allows you to trade up to $10,000 resulting in a higher profit. As tempting as it seems to trade with this amount of money, having a high leverage can also work against you and cause a greater loss that is why knowledge and skill is essential to become successful in this field of investment.

Different Aspects of Online Trading

Trade12 Aspects of Online Trading

Online trading deals with several different financial instruments like foreign currencies, stocks, and commodities. Foreign currency exchange or forex is usually done in pairs. It is basically done by buying a certain currency while it has a low exchange rate. And then afterwards, selling it when it has a high exchange rate compared to its pair currency.

Stocks trading, on the other hand, involves investing in stocks from companies to get a part of ownership. Investors earn profit from selling their owned stocks at a higher price once the company grew its business. Another way investors gain profit from their stocks is through dividends. This is a payout usually done by companies to their stockholders with a portion of their income to return capital to their shareholders.

Lastly, commodities trading fall into four categories in the primary economic sector. These include metals, energy, livestock and agricultural products. Commodity traders take risk in investing in goods based on forecasted economic trends. Similar to the other types of trade, commodities are bought while they have a lower price and sold when their equivalent price rises. Commodities trading is affected by several factors, including but not limited to supply and demand, weather, and exchange rate.

Online Trading Is a Very Broad Topic

Despite the saying that anyone can become an online trader, research on the topic is a must before they invest in this kind of business. It is also upon the investors to look for a reputable and reliable online trading platform. A platform that could assist them in minimizing their investment risks and maximizing their profits.

Trade12 Trading Website

Good thing that looking for a trustworthy online trading platform is not a problem anymore. At Trade12, you can secure not only your money, but also the future of your investments!  With a lot of bonuses, flexible spreads, margins, and the best leverage, you need not to look for anything more. Just register for a live account and start growing your money. With the numerous Trade12 review, testimonials and ratings, you could certainly attest to the reliability of Trade12. And it does not end only with trading! Trade12 also offers the most comprehensive market updates and offers e-books, video tutorials, market news and analysis that could certainly help widen your knowledge in trading. Open an account now and start enjoying the best online trading experience that only Trade12 can give you!