Trade12 Review – The Trade12 Forex Brokerage Platform Saves You Time and Worry

Starting off on your trading journey can be quite unnerving. If you’re a person who likes to overanalyze, then you may have come across some stories of brokerage scams. Because of those, after all the research and effort that you put into preparing yourself, you may find yourself struggling to start.

A common starting question would be “how do I find trustworthy brokers?” This question should act as a guiding compass to narrowing down and selecting the best and most integral. Most “worried” people in such situations, will spend inordinate amounts of time asking around, only to get mixed opinions.

trade12 forex broker review

In that case, you only have 1 option. That would be finding a database that contains trusted and certified brokers. The database of course, must be trusted itself.

Through the Trade12 platform, you get a database of trusted forex brokers.

Trade12 forex trading is easier than ever, when you have a trusted broker backing you up. This is exactly what you get through that platform. Commonly attested for by Trade12 reviews, you should never expect a scam attempt to occur with the brokers recommended on that platform. Being a financial services firm, expect nothing less.

Of course, brokerage lists aren’t all there is to be offered through Trade12. In fact, Trade12 itself is a website that supports businesses operated by brokers!

Trade12 MT4 Platform

We’ll explain “how” below.

Through the Trade12 platform, you can win a commission for every client brought it.

It’s not just a one-time offer. If as a broker, you manage to provide clients through to the Trade12 Company, then you will receive a regular commission for each “confirmed client”. This is called the Cost per Acquisition plan (CPA), where you can find more details by signing up to the program, through the website!

Additionally, Trade12 extends the affiliate offer by allowing brokers to earn a commission for each “additional” affiliate they bring along! Through such a system, revenue gained by the additional affiliates brought in, contribute to yours as a broker. It wouldn’t be surprising if brokers manage to build a living through this system!

The “additional” affiliate system is called the “Sub-Affiliates” program. The sub-affiliates program encourages networking between brokers in the industry. This aids the Trade12 platform in selecting the best and most trustworthy brokers, to promote to clients.

As you can see, a system is offered that is a win-win situation for all.

What else do brokers gain from the website?

There’s more than just the commissions paid out. You can increase your market knowledge and experience through the platform provided by Trade12.


Updated news is constantly provided for brokers and traders alike. Additionally, Trade12 provides educational material, through videos and lexicons, to aid traders and brokers in understanding the markets comprehensively.

As a broker, the knowledge advantage gained allows you to make the best recommendations to trading clients of yours. This allows you to keep your clients for the long-term through their success, allowing success for you in the long run!

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